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Meme Bounty Competition #1

SatoshisCat March 10, 2018 Meme Bounty Competition

Meme Bounty Competition As our first marketing event we will be hosting a competition starting at 7pm GMT on Monday 28/08 and ending at 7pm GMT Sunday 03/09. Participants will compete to create the best original Kekcoin related meme. The winner will receive 5000 KEKs (~0.057BTC or ~$250 at the time of writing). The competition […]

Kekcoin Community Update #2

SatoshisCat March 10, 2018 Community Update

  It has been an exciting couple of weeks since the genesis of Kekcoin. The Kekcoin team are delighted with the community and market that has amassed around the project, and we look forward to continue building on the progress so far. Version 1.0 of the Kekcoin telegram tipbot (AKA The Oracle of Kek) has […]

Kekcoin Community Update #1

SatoshisCat March 10, 2018 Community Update

The airdrop process has come to an end. We are greatful to the Radium developers for ensuring a successful airdrop using their SmartChain software for file verification and identity management. We are almost certain the SmartChain will be used again by the Kekcoin community. So please, hang on to your identities! Airdrop If you have […]

Kekcoin Genesis Blog Post

SatoshisCat March 10, 2018 Genesis

Praise Kek! This inaugural blog post is the first of many in a series of updates regarding the official Kekcoin project development. For the full announcement which includes technical specifications, and an introduction to the team, see . The purpose of this blog is to effectively communicate the progress of various projects being undertaken — by the […]

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