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Kekcoin Developer Update #17: MemeChain v1.0

SatoshisCat June 2, 2019 Developer Update, Genesis

MemeChain API v1.0 Beta testing is complete, which means it is time to move from the temporary test-net memechain to the… Immutable… Unstoppable… Uncensorable… MemeChain. The updated software source has been released and is available for download. The Genesis Meme for the MemeChain has been carefully crafted by Kek knows who, from Kek knows where. Its […]

Kekcoin Genesis Blog Post

SatoshisCat March 10, 2018 Genesis

Praise Kek! This inaugural blog post is the first of many in a series of updates regarding the official Kekcoin project development. For the full announcement which includes technical specifications, and an introduction to the team, see . The purpose of this blog is to effectively communicate the progress of various projects being undertaken — by the […]

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