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Kekcoin Developer Update #8: Kekcoin v2.0 (SegWit)

SatoshisCat March 10, 2018 Developer Update

Wallet Upgrade We are pleased to announce that Kekcoin v2.0 is now available for download. The network is undergoing a backwards compatible yet mandatory soft-fork and it’s necessary for everyone to upgrade their wallet software, or risk being forced off the network. Please backup your wallet.dat files before updating as is standard practice when updating […]

Kekcoin Developer Update #7: MemeChain & SegWit

SatoshisCat March 10, 2018 Developer Update

This blog post will describe the progress on the MemeChain so far, as well as planned upgrades to the Kekcoin core protocol. We recently made public two code repositories; memechain-api (which constitutes MemeChain state machine, IPFS integration, and the API), and kekcoin-segwit. Note: these are working repositories which are not yet ready for use! MemeChain […]

Kekcoin Developer Update #5: Roadmap

SatoshisCat March 10, 2018 Developer Update

After long discussions between the team and eager community members we have created the Roadmap below, which details the development plan for the most significant project within the Kekcoin meme technology space, the MemeChain. MemeChain Design Introduction The MemeChain draws inspiration from a few notable blockchain projects, namely Radium’s SmartChain software and Blockstack’s VirtualChain. It […]

Kekcoin Developer Update #4

SatoshisCat March 10, 2018 Developer Update

Oracle of Kek It is our pleasure to announce that the Kekcoin telegram tip bot, The Oracle of Kek, has been updated (to v1.1), featuring 3 new commands. The first new command is /meme. Use this to peer into the abyss of chaos magic and reveal an artifact of Kek’s divine will. Use the second new […]

Kekcoin Developer Update #3

SatoshisCat March 10, 2018 Developer Update

As most of you will know, tensions have been high in the cryptocurrency space due to the highly dramatisized Bitcoin hard fork. Now that Bitcoin has emerged relatively unscathed, let’s turn our focus back to altcoins! After some testing to ensure that the network will remain secure and functional, we have stopped the Meme Bounty […]

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