Developer Update, GenesisKekcoin Developer Update #17: MemeChain v1.0

Kekcoin Developer Update #17: MemeChain v1.0

MemeChain API v1.0 Beta testing is complete, which means it is time to move from the temporary test-net memechain to the… Immutable… Unstoppable… Uncensorable MemeChain. The updated software source has been released and is available for download.

The Genesis Meme for the MemeChain has been carefully crafted by Kek knows who, from Kek knows where. Its dankness is undeniable.

Meme TX ID: 36ee54a262ee65ca54e41baf1298cc7f6aa1f3c6a29fb79c4ab75582ee6ec9af
Meme Author: KVsKHQbuoKUgHNaFm4jZKZVHDAKPPCvwbr
Meme Hashlink: 0145d0903e15afb8

Some aspects of the MemeChain have been re-designed based on the experience with the test-net.

  1. The burn amount for each meme transaction has been increased to 0.01 KEK. This means that the more the MemeChain is used, the greater the decrease in available supply of Kekcoin. This concretely creates a connection between the economic activity of Kekcoin as a cryptocurrency and it’s use in the MemeChain application. This is a natural incentive structure for a cryptocurrency to increase in demand, incentivizing those staking Kekcoin to continue to secure the network long-term, and ensuring those participating in the community to predominantly publish quality Memes (the fee dis-incentivizes meme spam).
  2. The format of the meme transactions was updated and now enables new commands, that is, new meme operations to be added in later versions of the MemeChain. This opens the door for functionality such as transfer of ownership, destruction of owned memes, and more. These functions will be added based on demand from developers creating MemeChain apps.
  3. A New API endpoint was added, called get-meme-data-by-range, to minimize communication complexity and more efficiently retrieve Memes from a MemeChain node.
  4. Various bugs were fixed regarding edge-case error handling.

The choice to structure the MemeChain software as an API was made with the intention of having developers work on their own apps that interact with the MemeChain. The first example we produced to demonstrate this was using the Oracle of Kek, the community’s Telegram chat Bot, as the interface for interacting with the MemeChain. Following that, we developed a dedicated desktop app, the MemeChain GUI (Beta), for browsing and uploading memes to the MemeChain. These interfaces were used in testing both how the MemeChain API functioned while in use by many members in the community at once, as well as the processes of how a developer would connect their app to the MemeChain. Now there is a group of community members working on their own MemeChain app, and we are assisting them with the integration. More details on this will be given in a future blog post.

Disclaimer: We do not promote the use of the MemeChain to circumvent any regulations regarding digital content.

Shadilay memers,

The Kekcoin Team

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