Meme Bounty CompetitionMeme Bounty Competition #8: Article 13

Meme Bounty Competition #8: Article 13

We will be hosting a competition starting on Tuesday 02/04 and ending on Monday 08/04. Participants will compete to create the best original meme. This week’s theme is “Article 13”. The winner will receive 5,000 KEKs (~0.025BTC or ~$100 at the time of writing). The competition will be hosted on twitter.

To enter, create a ‘Article 13’ meme (image or GIF), tweet it and make sure to include the tags @KekcoinCore and $KEK. Simple! You can enter as many times as you like, so long as you are posting original memes each time.

A shortlist of competition finalists will be decided by the development team, and the final winner will be decided by a community vote.

Once the winner has been chosen, they will be contacted and asked for their Kekcoin public key address and the prize will be sent to them. You do not need to include your public key in the tweet!

Good luck to all!

Disclaimer: We do not support the creation of offensive/vulgar content. Such content will result in an immediate disqualification from the competition and a forfeit to voting on the winner.

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