Community Update, Developer UpdateKekcoin 2018: A year in Review

Kekcoin 2018: A year in Review

During 2018 the mainstream cryptocurrency hype we experienced in 2017 has died down and it has been a time for building and for progress. The year of hard work from the team and support from the community will be reviewed here, followed by the event plan for the immediate future. More concrete development objectives will be presented to the community soon.

A Year in Review:

Kekcoin V2 was released as a soft-fork wallet upgrade with many useful new features. As you may be aware, the Kekcoin code is based on Bitcoin-Core’s reference implementation. This brought Kekcoin from code-base v0.08 to v0.13, bundling roughly 3 years of development into one upgrade. A few notable changes are:

  • Faster synchronization (utilizing headers-first synchronization)
  • Improved performance & security for signature functionality using libsecp256k1 instead of OpenSSL
  • Block file pruning (storage optimization)
  • OP_RETURN output size increased to 80 bytes (simplifying MemeChain implementation)
  • Automatic use of Tor hidden services (if Tor is running)
  • Hierarchical Deterministic Key Generation (simpler address management for users)
  • Segregated Witness (BIPs 141, 143, 144, 145) — see Update #7.

Cryptocurrency protocols are ever evolving, and keeping up with the frontiers of the technology is key to remaining relevant. The Segregated Witness soft-fork brings foundational support at the protocol level for Lightning Network (LN). LN technology promises an innovative landscape of fee-less, instant payment applications as well as interoperability between LN-compatible blockchains and decentralized exchanges. Activation of the Segregated Witness soft-fork occurred on 7/05/2018.

This past year, the majority of trade volume for KEK has been on Cryptopia. Regarding increasing exposure of Kekcoin through exchange listings, Kekcoin has been added to; the Bisq network (a decentralized exchange), Crex24, and you can buy and sell KEK on OpenBazaar.

MemeChain API V1 progressed through Alpha testing and is now in Beta. The Oracle of Kek has been upgraded to interact with the meme-test-chain node that we are hosting, which has allowed the community to participate in testing and exploring the potential for the MemeChain. The meme-test-chain has been successfully running with little down time since September 30, and we are confident that as more full MemeChain nodes come online, the performance and network security will only increase.

The wider community continues to develop, with our new community driven discord channel, kekcoin lore and merchandise, and ongoing telegram activity.

Immediate Next Steps:

During the Beta testing phase of the MemeChain API, we have been working on a dedicated MemeChain app. We aim to release an initial version soon, with functionality for you to view and interact with the MemeChain. Upcoming versions will have additional meme authorship features and we are working on getting the app ready for mobile and desktop. We aim for this to be the primary interface for the MemeChain, but you will continue to be able to use the Oracle of Kek interface too.

Blessings of Kek be upon us,

The Kekcoin Team

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