Community Update, Developer UpdateKekcoin Developer Update #14: Roadmap 2018

Kekcoin Developer Update #14: Roadmap 2018

We are pleased to announce the Roadmap for 2018 and beyond, detailing our intentions regarding development of the Kekcoin core protocol, the MemeChain, our re-airdrop proposition, ongoing research and our marketing strategy.

Core Protocol

Our highest priority for Q1 has been the implementation and release of a greatly improved core protocol for Kekcoin Core (v2 SegWit). With approximately 3 years of security, performance and usability enhancements Kekcoin is now one of the most advanced proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies on the market. For details on the motivation and features for this update check out our previous blog post.

Cryptocurrency protocols are ever evolving, and keeping up with the frontiers of the technology is key to remaining relevant. For example, given that the Segregated Witness soft-fork will soon activate for Kekcoin, foundational support at the protocol level for Lightning Network (LN) is in place. LN technology promises an innovative landscape of fee-less, instant payment applications as well as interoperability between LN-compatible blockchains and decentralized exchanges. Activation of the Segregated Witness soft-fork is predicted to occur on 7/05/2018.

We have learned a great deal during the last year when it comes to core protocol implementation, and our intention is to continue in this process. Specifically, our next target is a complete code re-base to Bitcoin v0.16 (or higher). Not only will this bring a lot of new features, it will better prepare Kekcoin Core for future maintenance of the protocol, since it will be easier to port new updates from Bitcoin Core development. This work will begin during Q3, as we aim to bring the focus back to the MemeChain for the time being.


The MemeChain protocol has now been fully specified and is under development. Check out the first stages of our documentation, and our code repository for details.  From this point, getting a working reference implementation for the MemeChain will be our primary focus. Keep an eye on our repository for updates, we aim to finish the proof-of-concept soon. Then we will focus on testing and ensuring production ready code.

In addition to MemeChain protocol development, we are reviewing the code for the MemeChain web application. This app is mostly ready for public use, and simply needs to be integrated with the MemeChain API upon release of the platform. Our expert web developer Cryptxo has been reviewing the app for security bugs.

Our community has been growing steadily and we hope that by the end of Q4 we will have demonstrated the value of the MemeChain as it works in a live environment at scale. We aim to foster use of the MemeChain through continued Meme Bounty Competitions, so keep an eye out for our announcements and join us in creating the future of meme technology!

The second application we intend to connect to the MemeChain API will be the Oracle of Kek (our telegram chat bot). This will enable the first iteration of a mobile client for the MemeChain. The open-source nature of this software ensures that anyone can build on this platform and interact with it through their own software, so if you or someone you know would like to integrate the MemeChain into your software, join our telegram chat group and let us know. We would be happy to assist!

Meme bounty Fund Re-Airdrop

As you may be aware, the Meme Bounty Competitions have been funded from the Meme Bounty Fund, which has its addresses marked by our explorer. Due to the large number of KEKs in these funds we think a re-airdrop will more equitably distribute the funds through the community of stakeholders. This air-drop will be distributed proportionally to stake, based on a snapshot of the utxo set (effectively the set of current balances associated each address). The total number of KEKs to be distributed is not yet decided, but we imagine that some of the Meme Bounty Fund will remain to continue with the competitions. The specific block at which the re-airdrop will occur is also not yet decided. We will announce further details and our reasoning behind the choices made in a future post.

On going research & marketing

Alongside developments on the core protocol and the MemeChain, we are keenly interested in the developments occurring in the wider blockchain domain. Features such as; confidential transactions, Schnorr signatures, and custom masternodes are being considered in our ongoing research, where there would be clear benefits to the utility of the project.

Our continued focus on transparency and openness has helped us engage with a growing community, and our marketing efforts are ongoing. Check out the new look on the Kekcoin website. We are in the process of attracting more developers and applying for exchange listings where relevant. Given the latest developments and the incoming activation of the Segregated Witness softfork, we hope that more exchanges are now within the scope of the project.

Finally, prepare your meme creating minds for a new Meme Bounty Competition on Monday!


The Kekcoin Team

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