Developer UpdateKekcoin Developer Update #12: Wallet Upgrade Outlook

Kekcoin Developer Update #12: Wallet Upgrade Outlook

Recent Progress

We have done a lot of work in terms of protocol development towards segwit-compatability and upgrading to state-of-the-art functionality and security within the altcoin technology landscape. However, there are some glitches which require further attention. In the mean time we would like to release an intermediate upgrade (to Bitcoin version 0.12) which we are calling Kekcoin Lore (v2.1), as it is based on the newly released Blackcoin-lore codebase. This has all of the functionality which initially motivated us to work on core protocol upgrades; to reduce the complexity of building the MemeChain and ensure work isn’t needlessly duplicated.

Taking a slightly less ambitious upgrade now will allow us to quickly bring our focus back to MemeChain development, and once the platform is proved to work we can continue with core protocol upgrades to keep Kekcoin ahead of the curve. We will be releasing an updated roadmap in the next couple of weeks detailing our ambitions for 2018 and beyond, so stay tuned!

To see progress on Kekcoin-Lore, please check our new repository. Kekcoin-segwit has been deemed not production ready and we ask that for now everyone uses Kekcoin-Core v1.0. Kekcoin-lore is in testing and we will announce its release in the next blog post.

Blessings of Kek be upon us,

Satoshis Cat and the Kekcoin Team


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