GenesisKekcoin Genesis Blog Post

Kekcoin Genesis Blog Post

Praise Kek! This inaugural blog post is the first of many in a series of updates regarding the official Kekcoin project development. For the full announcement which includes technical specifications, and an introduction to the team, see .

The purpose of this blog is to effectively communicate the progress of various projects being undertaken — by the Kekcoin core team and by community members — to all interested parties.

What is Kekcoin? Kekcoin is a peer-to-peer proof-of-stake cryptocurrency created to serve the internet community. Kekcoin aims to be a revolutionary advancement in meme technology, and strives to fund projects that align with the will of Kek. Join the Kekcoin Telegram chat and become an active community member! Kekcoin wishes to expand the global awareness of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology by funding curation and dissemination of dank original content.

The Kekcoin Core team wish for this to be a community driven project. Instead of forming a roadmap and imposing too much of our own will onto the project, we wish to work with the community to generate a pool of ideas, and organise to work on the most desirable new features and use cases. In addition, this is an open source project, and community contributions are welcomed at every opportunity!

Example future projects:

  • Decentralised meme asset exchange, based on side chain technology such as Radium’s Smartchain or Blockstack’s Virtualchain.
  • Proof-of-Meme service to use the Kekcoin blockchain to prove that a given meme existed at a given time, with additional functionality to attach a digital signature to that meme.
  • Telegram Chat bot for Kekcoin tipping and Meme tools.

This blog will detail the approaches, the motivations and the progress of all Kekcoin related projects, and will serve as an organisational hub from which smooth progress can flow.

We’ll see you soon,

The Kekcoin Team.

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