Developer UpdateKekcoin Developer Update #9: Wallet Patch (v2.0.1)

Kekcoin Developer Update #9: Wallet Patch (v2.0.1)

A bug related to a legacy code snippet (from PoS v1) was found which caused the wallet to miscalculate the stake weight, and the available coins for staking. This is not a consensus issue and thus has not effected the ongoing soft-fork (SegWit). The issue primarily effected users’ visible stake balance and expected time to reward. This has now been fixed. We urge everybody to re-update their wallets with the latest releases (v2.0.1).

If your balances don’t match what you expect with the new wallet, click file > repair wallet.

Note: The Segregated Witness soft-fork will only activate when 70% of the net stake weight is signaling that they are running Kekcoin v2.0, so we encourage everyone to run the new wallet.

Join our telegram community if you have any further questions.

Praise Kek!

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