Developer UpdateKekcoin Developer Update #6: MemeChain

Kekcoin Developer Update #6: MemeChain

It has been a busy couple of weeks for the Kekcoin project since the release of the MemeChain Roadmap. We’ve been consistently researching, coding, and making the design choices necessary to put together a production-level immutable chain of dank memes.

Most notably, we have been working with Cryptxo, a web developer with 20 years of experience. He has taken the initiative and started working on the User Interface for the MemeChain. With this additional contribution we expect to bring forward the preliminary release date proposed on the roadmap. Check out the screenshots below! We will soon be opening up this demo UI to the community, to gather feedback and give you the opportunity to comment on the design, features and functionality that you want to see with MemeChain.

We are very happy to announce that Cryptxo will be joining the development team for the long-term. He has made significant contributions so far and we are lucky to add his experience to the project. Our recently updated website now features a team page where we each have a little introduction to who we are and why we want MemeChain to become a reality.

To list some of the features that we have implemented so far:

  • Fully Responsive & Interactive UI for many devices
  • User Profiles
  • Points System
  • Follow/Unfollow System
  • Profanity Filter
  • Hashtag System
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Multi Level Comments

An innovative feature of the MemeChain image board will be proof-of-authorship. Each user is given a public/private key pair which they can use to upload time-stamped, authored memes. Users will also be able to register multiple public keys with their accounts (provided they can prove ownership of the associated private keys).

Keys Generated client-side. The web-server will never store private keys.

In other news we can hint at (… but cannot yet confirm) a partnership with other community members who are interested in creating some Kekcoin merchandise. Product designs are currently being tested and we’ll announce further details in the weeks ahead.

In our previous blog post we announced the new betting capabilities with the Oracle of Kek, which many of you have taken full advantage of — at the expense of the developer bankroll! This was an experimental update, it wasn’t clear how the system would play out with the reward system we decided on. It turns out that in order for us to continue with this feature the reward system needs to be adjusted. We do not have an infinite number of KEKs for the bankroll and this needs to be reflected in the payouts. So until stated otherwise we will trial the newer system:

Note that each bet has probability 1/10 + 1/100 + 1/1000 of paying out.

Check out the latest Meme Bounty Competition blog post for details on how to enter. This week’s theme is “MemeChain”, and the winner will receive 5000 KEKs.

May Kek continue to bless the crypto community. Through the long winter we must hodl on, for the next super moon season is sure to come.


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