Developer UpdateKekcoin Developer Update #5: Roadmap

Kekcoin Developer Update #5: Roadmap

After long discussions between the team and eager community members we have created the Roadmap below, which details the development plan for the most significant project within the Kekcoin meme technology space, the MemeChain.

MemeChain Design Introduction

The MemeChain draws inspiration from a few notable blockchain projects, namely Radium’s SmartChain software and Blockstack’s VirtualChain. It will be independently developed from the ground up to suit the ideal requirements of it’s use case. The MemeChain concept is similar to that of a Sidechain, but the MemeChain in itself is not a protocol for transferring digital assets between peers and so will not be described as such. Rather, it should be described as a deterministic state-machine which derives it’s current state from information embedded in the Kekcoin blockchain. It will consist of two components; a cryptographic hash-chain of memes that is embedded in the Kekcoin blockchain, and a distributed data store utilising the IPFS network.


Notes about ongoing developments

The Mac wallet GUI is ready to compile, all that is required is a Mac system with the appropriate dependencies to do it. We are willing to pay a 5000 KEK bounty for anyone who can successfully compile our source code, please contact us through telegram.

Updates to the Oracle of Kek (such as the new commands /meme and /gif) will continue and will focus on integrations with the MemeChain as it is developed. For example, once the code has been written to embed a meme’s hash onto the blockchain, commands like /publish and /proof will be introduced so that memelords can obtain a proof-of-publication for their original content.

The conceptual design of the MemeChain system architecture is mostly complete, and will be appropriately formalised in a white paper.

Finally, we have updated our graphic designs and rebranded, so check out our website to see the new style.

If you’d like to know more or to contribute please get in touch!

The Kekcoin team.

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