Developer UpdateKekcoin Developer Update #3

Kekcoin Developer Update #3

As most of you will know, tensions have been high in the cryptocurrency space due to the highly dramatisized Bitcoin hard fork. Now that Bitcoin has emerged relatively unscathed, let’s turn our focus back to altcoins!

After some testing to ensure that the network will remain secure and functional, we have stopped the Meme Bounty Fund addresses from staking. We have chosen to do this to increase the number of KEKs staked directly by the community. So please make the most of the reduced stake weight, and help secure the Kekcoin network.

The Oracle of Kek (the Kekcoin telegram tipbot) version 1.1 will be released later this week, with added meme functionality and a form of betting with your KEK tip balances. It will soon be possible to use simple commands with the Oracle of Kek to provide proof of publication for your memes, by hashing them directly onto the blockchain.

We are currently working on building the Mac OS wallet, which is notoriously difficult (especially without a Mac). The release will be announced in a later update with download links.

There is currently a meme bounty competition underway, and we will be running similar competitions with different themes for the forseeable future. Enter now for your chance to win 5000 KEKs (~$250 at the time of writing)! Stay tuned for more opportunities to earn yourself some KEKs doing what you love!

In addition to working on the above, we have been investigating the potential for implementing a Counterparty layer on top of Kekcoin. With this additional technology, Kekcoin would power a decentralised digital asset exchange, alowing users to issue and trade memes and other digital tokens (for e.g. votes) between each other.

Finally, we have contacted various meme-oriented social media platforms/groups and begun discussions about possible partnerships— whereby there would be an integration between Kekcoin and the platform, allowing quick transfers of value between users.

Until next time fellow disciples of Kek,

The Kekcoin Team.

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