Developer UpdateKekcoin Developer Update #11: Wallet Patch (v2.0.3)

Kekcoin Developer Update #11: Wallet Patch (v2.0.3)

Kekcoin v2.0.3 (SegWit)

Please visit the releases page of our GitHub repository to download the newest Kekcoin wallet. If you would like to learn more about the motivation for upgrading Kekcoin to be SegWit compatible, and the process of the soft-fork’s activation, please visit our previous blog post.

A bug was found in the v2.0.2 wallet which allowed some nodes to validate orphan blocks with an unusual timestamp. In the rare occurrence when a staker produces such a block, the v2 nodes were unfortunately isolated from the rest of the network and proceeded to mine an orphan chain. This scenario occurred but was detected almost immediately (thanks to our perceptive community!) and by swiftly changing back to Kekcoin v1 we were able to re-establish network-wide consensus without any further issues.

The latest patch has undergone extensive testing over the last couple of weeks and we hope this will become the stable release for kekcoin in the future. However, it is important to bear in mind that no test will ever compare to the full scale production deployment.

Check your balances.

In addition to downloading and running the new wallet, there are some steps which may be necessary to take if you find your balance to be miscalculated with the new wallet. Please follow the instructions relevant to you, depending on your OS and whether you are running the GUI or the daemon.

Windows & Linux GUI:

  1. Open wallet v2.0.3, select File > Repair Wallet. If your balances are adjusted to their correct values then you do not need to perform steps 2–4.
  2. Close wallet v2.0.3. Open wallet v1.0. Go to help > debug window > console. Type dumpwallet ExampleFileName and hit enter. This produces a human-readable file with all the private keys associated with your wallet.
  3. Click File > Backup Wallet, and save your wallet.dat file somewhere safe!
  4. Close wallet v1.0. Open wallet v2.0.3. Go to help > debug window > console. Type importwallet ExampleFileName and hit enter.

Your balances should now be correct. Compare with the block explorer to be certain.

Linux Daemon:

Assuming you have compiled the source code as per this tutorial,

  1. Navigate to Kekcoin-segwit
  2. Run ./kekcoind -rescan

Your balances should now be correct. Compare with the block explorer to be certain.

Until next time fellow disciples of Kek,

The Kekcoin Team

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