Community UpdateKekcoin Community Update #1

Kekcoin Community Update #1

The airdrop process has come to an end. We are greatful to the Radium developers for ensuring a successful airdrop using their SmartChain software for file verification and identity management. We are almost certain the SmartChain will be used again by the Kekcoin community. So please, hang on to your identities!


If you have not yet claimed your airdrop, see this guide. A successful airdrop, despite some bumps along the way…

… has quickly brought together a community, the disciples of Kek. We now ask for the community to be vocal about their ideas and ambitions for Kekcoin. Together, we can make MemeTech great again. So if you haven’t yet, come and join the conversation on Telegram. In total, 288 people successfully registered for the airdrop. As stated in the initial announcement, the remaining KEKs which have not been claimed will be moved to the Meme Bounty Fund addresses:

The Meme Bounty Fund has been split into multiple addresses for security purposes.

These KEKs will fund bounties, competitions and community development to build on the Kekcoin project and to spread the news of its creation far and wide.

Source Code, Media Pack and Explorer

The wallet GUI application and source code are now publicly available.

In addition we have released a media pack containing Kekcoin graphics to make your Kekcoin related original dank meme content production simpler.

The Kekcoin blockexplorer can be found here.


Now that the source code has been made public we can apply to exchanges. We aim to have Kekcoin on Cryptiopia as soon as possible. There will be an announcement on Telegram, Twitter and Bitcointalk so keep an eye out! Once the market has matured a little we will aim to get Kekcoin listed on more exchanges.

Thank you, and Praise Kek!

The Kekcoin Team

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