Developer UpdateKekcoin Developer Update #4

Kekcoin Developer Update #4

Oracle of Kek

It is our pleasure to announce that the Kekcoin telegram tip bot, The Oracle of Kek, has been updated (to v1.1), featuring 3 new commands.

The first new command is /meme. Use this to peer into the abyss of chaos magic and reveal an artifact of Kek’s divine will.

Use the second new command, /gif, to expose a living meme from a collective archive of mystical relics.

The final new command is sure to be addictive. With /bet, users can bet KEKs from their tip balance. Similar to the /get command, a random seven digit number will be created. If the last digits match, then users will receive a payout according to how many of the last digits match.

Note that each bet has probability 1/10 + 1/100 + 1/1000 of paying out.

We hope you enjoy the new functionality. If you would like to add a specific meme or gif to the database, please send a personal message on telegram to either @SatoshisCat, @Lorenz888, or @MrUls.


We have released an update for the kekcoin wallet.

There should now be less false positives appearing in a virus scan of the wallet. We recommend that you update your Kekcoin wallets as soon as possible. Please continue to take any security steps you feel are necessary (i.e. run the wallet on a VM that shares no folders with your machine).

Further Development

In addition to the Telegram tip bot, we are working on a Reddit tip bot to integrate with the wider meme community. If you aren’t already aware of the depth of internet meme culture, check out the subreddits r/MemeEconomy and r/dankmemes. Moloch, why not do yourself a favour and get the latest issues of Meme Insider too?!

Amongst all of this we have been brainstorming, gathering ideas, and researching the different possibilities available for Kekcoin. We are currently filling in the details of a plan to revolutionise meme technology, and we’ll be announcing the plan sometime this week.

May Kek bless us all,

The Kekcoin team.

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