Community UpdateKekcoin Community Update #2

Kekcoin Community Update #2


It has been an exciting couple of weeks since the genesis of Kekcoin. The Kekcoin team are delighted with the community and market that has amassed around the project, and we look forward to continue building on the progress so far.

Version 1.0 of the Kekcoin telegram tipbot (AKA The Oracle of Kek) has been released. Join our chat today and start sending and receiving KEKs for the highest quality dank memes. The Oracle of Kek will be an integral part of the Kekcoin project and we are working on additional functionality beyond tipping and blockchain stats.

Since being listed on Cryptopia we have witnessed alot of attention on Kekcoin, with a 24 hour trading volume high of 44BTC (at the time of writing).

We are pleased to announce that the first significant community-driven Kekcoin project is underway. Follow the Kekcoin Paradise twitter for updates on the community website — a hub for the disciples of Kek to host their Kek memes, GIFs, and to learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in general.

A few in the community have been questioning about the lack of a Roadmap, which is completely fair. We understand that people want to know where the project is going — especially when they hodl KEKs. However, for now we will not be releasing a roadmap. While we are commited to transparency and clarity for this project, we do not wish to make promises that will restrict the freedom to start new unanticipated projects in the future. This is especially important in the cryptocurrency space since new technologies and platforms are being released at a rapid pace.

Many discussions with community members (you know who you are!) have lead to some interesting ideas which we are considering pursuing, and we’ll list a few here:

  • Proof of publication (for your original content) integrated with the Oracle of Kek.
  • Verifiable voting (for the coming Meme Bounty competitions)
  • A smart contract which allows any user to ‘lock up’ some original content until a certain amount of KEKs have been paid in — at which point the content will be released to the public. So, if you have built a reputation for yourself as a memelord, you’d be able earn KEKs for your content.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. These are some of the ideas which we have been actively looking into implementing. If you have any feedback or ideas we’d love to hear what you have to say (regarding the tipbot, the website, or anything related to the Kekcoin project).

A final note on the safety of the Kekcoin wallet. It is common for wallet software to return false positives when scanned, but we are certain that the wallet is safe. If you aren’t convinced, you are welcome to compile the wallet from the source code yourself or run it in a virtual machine (making sure there are no shared folders between the VM and your system).

May Kek be with you,

The Kekcoin Team.

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