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Kekcoin Developer Update #14: Roadmap 2018

SatoshisCat May 5, 2018 Community Update, Developer Update

We are pleased to announce the Roadmap for 2018 and beyond, detailing our intentions regarding development of the Kekcoin core protocol, the MemeChain, our re-airdrop proposition, ongoing research and our marketing strategy. Core Protocol Our highest priority for Q1 has been the implementation and release of a greatly improved core protocol for Kekcoin Core (v2 […]

Kekcoin Developer Update #13: Kekcoin v2.0.4 (SegWit)

SatoshisCat April 14, 2018 Developer Update

We stated in the previous blog post our intention to take a less ambitious protocol upgrade (Kekcoin Lore). However, we decided to judiciously review and audit the consensus critical code of our Kekcoin-segwit implementation first. This revealed to us the bug in the latest wallet release which caused the network to undergo a brief unintentional […]

Kekcoin Developer Update #12: Wallet Upgrade Outlook

SatoshisCat April 3, 2018 Developer Update

Recent Progress We have done a lot of work in terms of protocol development towards segwit-compatability and upgrading to state-of-the-art functionality and security within the altcoin technology landscape. However, there are some glitches which require further attention. In the mean time we would like to release an intermediate upgrade (to Bitcoin version 0.12) which we […]

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